What is Still Kickin?

Still Kickin is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Each month, we give a no-strings-attached financial grant to a different person or family going through something difficult. You can meet our current Still Kickin Hero here. Still Kickin also puts on events aimed at building a braver, more supportive world.

What does it mean when you say the Hot Young Widows Club is “a program of Still Kickin”?

The HYWC is kept running with the financial and structural support of Still Kickin, a nonprofit founded by Nora McInerny and Lindsay Wenner in 2014. Still Kickin pays the HYWC’s bills (including for the very website you are reading right now). Still Kickin also produces, stocks and ships all HYWC merch (and good thing, because stocking merch is expensive as heck).

Your one-time, tax-deductible HYWC application donation goes toward funding programs to help widows (such as a soon-to-be-announced online course) and helps pay Moe and other admins for the work they do to keep the HYWC running smoothly.

Do I need to have been married to my person in order to join the HYWC?

Nope! We use an inclusive definition of the word “widow” to mean someone who lost their romantic love partner to death.

There’s a whole lotta pink happening, here. Can dudes join the HYWC?

Of course! We’re a group of all genders and backgrounds. And we know hot pink isn’t for everyone, so we have plans in the works for not-hot-pink merch.

Why the one-time application donation?

Your one-time, tax-deductible HYWC application donation funds programs to help widows (such as a soon-to-be-announced online course) and also helps pay Moe and other admins for the work they do managing the Hot Young Widows Club, which ensures it remains a safe and welcoming place for people who lost their person. Need help covering the fee? Click here to apply for financial assistance.

The HYWC merch I bought doesn’t work for me. Can I get a refund?

We’re a program of Still Kickin, which is a nonprofit, and the dollars from every HYWC item you buy are immediately put to work so they can keep helping humans who need it (and keep this program of ours running). So asking for a refund is kind of like asking for your donation back, and we avoid that whenever possible. But we're happy to facilitate exchanges if a merch item isn't working for you — email for assistance.


I think I’ve heard of Nora. Didn’t she write a book... or start a podcast... or something?

She sure did! Nora is the author of three books -- IT'S OKAY TO LAUGH (CRYING IS COOL, TOO)NO HAPPY ENDINGS; and THE HOT YOUNG WIDOWS CLUB. She's also the host of the hit APM podcast TERRIBLE, THANKS FOR ASKING.

Do proceeds from THE HOT YOUNG WIDOWS CLUB book sales and book-related events help this Hot Young Widows Club in any way?

No. They help Nora pay her bills. Her writing/podcasting is How She Makes Money. All of her work with Still Kickin and the HYWC is volunteer!

Do I have to read THE HOT YOUNG WIDOWS CLUB in order to join this group?

Absolutely not!

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