The Hot Young Widows Club exists as a Closed Facebook Group (with the occasional meetup between members in the same cities, or as we travel — it's cool).


  • First: Submit proof of death for your person via a link to their obituary, picture of a death notice, etc. Without this, your application cannot be processed. You can do this step here.

    (In order to protect our members from scammers who would prey on widows, we ask that you email a link or copy of the obituary or death certificate to

    You should block out the social security number, if it is included on the document.

    Your application cannot be approved without this proof of death--no exceptions.)

  • Next: Go to the group link and answer the three questions.


    This is a CLOSED group. Nobody will see that you are a part of this group except the other members. Nobody but the members of this group can see what you post.

  • You will not be added to the HYWC without a proof of death and completion of the three questions.

  • We also have subgroups available according to specific locations or other identifiers or interests. You can be added to the HYWC subgroups as well—consult the closed HYWC Facebook group for instructions. The subgroups are secret groups.

  • Invites may not arrive right away, because we're only human. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

    We are so sorry to have you in this club, and so so glad to be here for you. 

    Thank you, NORA and MOE

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If you do not have a link to their obituary or death notice, you may send a picture of their death certificate to:

Please black out the social security number and any other confidential information before you send it. Also include your name and your email address.